About Us

Why we exist

TanZan Properties Specialist, A Real Estate Company In Tanzania Zanzibar "TanZan".

You have come to the right place!  Find your Property for  Rent, Sales, or Lease. Available for short and long-term Houses, Apartments, and Plots.

Who are we?

We’re a local real estate company leading in Tanzania Zanzibar providing professional quality services and value with help support from our management staff on the ground.


We offer You best selected- hand apartments and Houses to rent from good and helpful friendly tenants for your convinient stay be shorter time or longer. Also Apartments or Houses for Ownership purchase and leasing.

We do provide best service also for plots front on Beach/ offshore or other lines at good deals be by Purchase direct from landlords, Or Owners of particular Properties prefer to rent it out at a specific periods agrements.

Will do cooperates with all material needed before landed and working with You leg by leg if your on island already for pay visiting the areas to look of Properties above one which will suit You at level best to get rent out or purchase to a time Availables.

We do provide You consultation Service of the procedures and adequately information before Property to rent or purchase to learn more about for full familiarization of what your looking for on island

We do offer also Car hire Service depends to your stay and movement on island for short and long term at best affordable rent fees. For connecting you with our best rental company partnership dealers on the island.