Has been in the public eye for more than a decade and is an actor and rapper. The actor has dated a number of young celebrities, including Kylie Jenner and Odessa Adlon. Jaden Smith sparked Tyler, The Creator rumors in November of last year. He told everyone that he was in love with the rapper, declaring that everyone who knew him couldn’t deny it. There have been numerous rumors about their relationship. He is an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, thanks to his gender-fluid clothing choices.

Still, it’s known that Jaden and Sofia remain friends, as they were spotted posing for photographers at Met Gala in 2017. Delevingne also got out of a relationship pretty recently. Up until last year, she was dating Pretty Little Liars (2010 to 2017) and Spring Breakers (2012) actress Ashley Benson.

Tyler’s unexpected confession set off a frenzy on the internet. Fans were overjoyed that Tyler had the guts to admit his feelings and publicly thank him for doing so. It was only natural for Jadakiss to be overjoyed at how much Tyler respected him. It proves that it is possible to appreciate and admire someone without masking your emotions. It reminds us that we can express ourselves no matter who we are or who we admire; being vulnerable and expressing ourselves is acceptable regardless of who you are or who you admire. No, Tyler, the Creator and Jaden Smith have never had a romantic relationship.

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The Karate Kid actor was in a two-year-long relationship with actress and model, Sarah Snyder. According to reports, the former flames started going out in early 2015. During the recent episode of Red Table Talk, Jada Pinkett-Smith headero praised her son for socially distancing himself. As a rapper, Jaden travels a lot and because of the recent outbreak, he is fearful for his family’s health, especially his maternal grandmother, Adrienne Banfield-Jones.

She also appeared in the FX series Better Things, which was co-created by her mother, Pamela Adlon. Currently, Odessa is busy in the filming of the TV series, Wayne and Fam which will both release in 2019. Similarly, she also starred in movies such as Love and Ladyworld in 2018. The young and beautiful, Odessa Adlon was born on 17 June 1999.

Jaden Smith & Kylie Jenner (2013-

Despite being quite busy with his acting career, Smith doesn’t forget about music. He creates his own music in hip-hop style and also collaborates with other well-known artists. The series Grand Army on Netflix has brought a lot of attention to Odessa, which means more visibility on social media. Odessa is very active on social media platforms, where she has amassed many followers. For example, you can find her on Instagram with her handle @odessaazion. Still relatively young, Odessa has featured in quite many movies.

This year she will be playing a character named “Liv” on the hit show Nashville and she will reportedly appear in multiple episodes of the show. Unfortunately Odessa does has a Twitter account, but she keeps it on private. Apparently she does not have any other social media presence. Next on the list is actress Odessa A’zion who is best known for playing Joey Del Marco in the Netflix teen drama Grand Army.

One of his songs from 2019 titled “Again” includes a bevy of lyrics about coming out on top and being the best you can be. He sings, “Star Wars with the clique, I’m Han Solo with the rips. In other words, he knows he’s dope, just like Han Solo & Kobe Bryant. Her music tastes & preferences are allowed to change right along with her as she gets older. Travis Barker has worked with Machine Gun Kelly on his most recent album and is now dating Kourtney Kardashian – he’s a great musician to collaborate with.

The former pair who were dating each other since early 2017 called it a quit in 2019. While many speculations were made about the split until the US Magazine almost confirmed their breakup. Smith, 21, also dated Odessa Adlon, daughter of Pamela Adlon. The two sparked rumors back in 2018 when he went to her prom as her date.

He earns a hefty amount from his acting career and also generates money through his singing ventures. Just weeks after calling Tyler, the Creator his beau, Jaden Smith was spotted in Paris enjoying what Metro described as a “romantic date” with a mystery woman. He got super close to Sarah Snyder (pictured above) in 2016, but is this proof that Smith is heterosexual? ’96 DiCaprio is undoubtedly a fine vintage, but why bring that up?